can everyone just read this oh my god 

"And then he saw Ella, and picked her up, and was like ‘give me a cuddle then’ and she gave him a massive hug" x


I don’t think Louis likes that idea, Liam.

If you could pick three things you could see Harry and Louis do, what would they be?


1. Cook a meal. How bossy is Harry? Does he get on Louis’ case about chopping the vegetables the right way? Does he seductively whisper cooking tips in Louis’ ear? DO THEY HAVE HIS AND HIS APRONS????? 

2. Write a song together. How does that work? They write beautiful lyrics separately, but what’s it like when they do it together? Do they get so sappy brainstorming ideas from their past experiences that everyone else has to just leave the room for a few minutes? Do they get into little arguments? Does Louis just come out with a perfect line and does Harry get speechless? Do they share songwriting journals?

3. Paint the house. Do they end up getting more paint on themselves than the walls? Do they have paint fights? Does Harry collapse into a fit of giggles when Louis scratches his nose and accidentally smears paint all over his face in the process? How dirty does this get? Take that however you want.

4. SNUGGLING. You asked for three but I’m giving you four. I want to see them snuggled up on a couch together after they’ve had a long day and they’re just kicking back watching a movie or having a conversation. Do they have a favorite blanket that they cuddle under? Who’s more likely to fall asleep first? How many little kisses do they give each other? 

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Louis Tomlinson gives X Factor contestant Jack Walton some friendly advice.